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Located in North Asheville (Woodfin), the Pilates Studio is a professional, Pilates apparatus and TRX studio, equipped with a Universal Reformer Trap Table Combo, Wunda Chair, Step Ladder Barrel (equipment by Balanced Body, wall springs, mat space, and TRX Suspension Trainer. Suspension and resistance-based training create lengthened, flexible muscles that are toned and not bulky.

Training here at  The Pilates Studio is a truly private and personalized experience.  There is no one else coming and going, no other people in the studio to distract or disrupt you.

Pilates is an intelligent form of exercise focusing on strength and flexibility of the core – the deep abdominals and muscles of the low back – to improve postural alignment, balance and coordination of the whole body.

There are many different options for practicing Pilates. I believe it is important to address each person individually. This allows me to develop programs that meet unique and specific needs, and allows you to gain competency and confidence in the fundamental principals of Pilates.

Pilates is appropriate for everyone–people of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. I encourage all new clients to begin with private sessions. After gaining competency with the fundamental exercises, you may choose to work in pairs with a partner or friend (Duet session).

Welcome to The Pilates Studio Asheville!