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Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates

Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates
With its emphasis on stretching, strengthening, and alignment, Pilates is ideal during and after pregnancy. Classic Pilates exercises are modified to address the changes and challenges that are inherent in and unique to pregnancy and postpartum.

Prenatal Pilates gently increases abdominal strength, providing support for the weight of the baby, and prepares the body for labor by strengthening the pelvic floor and increasing the body’s stamina.

Specific emphasis is placed on conscious breathing and proper posture, which improves circulation, aids in relaxation, and relieves aches and pains.

Postnatal Pilates is designed to strengthen pelvic floor, abdominal and deep postural muscles, to help you regain your pre-pregnancy fitness and energy. Specific emphasis is placed on improving body mechanics, proper posture and lifting techniques.