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Testimonials of Jessi’s Clients

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 “I have been hooked by Jessi Herr and the way she teaches Pilates for 5 or so years.  Been going every week!  Never have I done anything in my life this consistently.  Jessi is awesome – as a person and as a Pilates coach.  I’ve had all sorts of bodily issues, and she is so knowledgeable about so many things.  Plus she watches me like a hawk so I don’t injure myself.  For instance, if my knee moves a little too far to the left or right, she’s right there to lovingly and gently correct the movement.  I am so much stronger, at 70, than I have ever been – you should see the muscles in my arms.  And balance is a big part of the work, which is helpful as you age.  My attitude has improved too!  I look forward to going to see Jessi each week and moving and stretching my body in ways that feel great.  She has all the equipment, and I find that it is worth the money to have private sessions rather than take the chance of pulling something in a big class.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who cares about themselves and their health.” — Ada Lea, 2015

“I’ve worked with Jessi for over a year now and I can’t speak more highly of her. I had done pilates previously and jumped right in with Jessi’s studio after recently moving to Asheville. After every session I walk away feeling like I’ve really worked out my body and at the same time had a full massage (yes, that’s possible!). The workouts feel great. It’s remarkable how Jessi tailors the workouts to your body and to where you are at each session. I feel so fortunate to have found The Pilates Studio!” –Missy, 2014

“I started doing Pilates with Jessi almost 6 years ago, not long after the birth of my first child, and have worked with her regularly since. She is highly professional, knowledgeable and fun. She is able to be flexible and adapt to whatever my body needs in the moment. She consistently checks in to make sure that I am getting what I want from my workout. My early sessions with Jessi were helpful with regaining core strength after pregnancy, but they have now become more focused on supporting my body’s ability to stay strong and balanced so that I can feel better biking, swimming and playing!” — Michelle 2014

“I was so happy to find Jessi and her lovely studio on a recent trip to Asheville.  I am currently pursuing Pilates certification and needed desperately to practice.  Jessi was so kind, knowledgeable, and above all professional. She was able to make me feel comfortable, answer questions and truly made a difference in my approach to the repertoire.  There could not have been a better person or place to study and practice-her pearls of advice are keeping me grounded as I face the challenges of certification.  Looking forward to practicing with her again in the New Year!!!” –Patti, 2013

“I travel to many cities for work and always, if possible, try to find a pilates studio.  The Pilates Studio in Asheville, NC is by and far the best. It’s the best because of Jessi and her ability to see you move and walk and know what your body needs. She pays attention to each movement and how you respond and adjusts the session to supply the movements to correct your posture and flexibility. I rarely miss an opportunity to visit The Pilates Studio.” —David S., 2013

“Jessi is a really good teacher and a skillful coach. She seems to know a thousand different stretches and exercises to work around weak areas and injuries and how to get at what’s going on in my body.  She’s smart and funny and takes what she does seriously.  I really look forward to sessions with her.”  Don, 2013

“Pilates is such a great way for folks to stay in good health. I have been going to Jessi in her studio for 6 years.  Jessi never ceases to amaze me with her ability to adapt each training to my specific needs. I know she has worked with friends who are pre and postnatal, and others who are older.  Each has varying needs which Jessi is quite good at addressing.  She always seems to be able to add some new exercises to our basic ones, which keeps me interested and challenged.  It is also nice to be in a workout area that is clean, well appointed and free of mirrors and crowded equipment. I know that by going to The Pilates Studio with Jessi I have been, and will continue to be able to maintain good health and spirit.  I look forward to many years ahead of Pilates training with Jessi.  — Rebecca, 2012

“I started Pilates workouts with Jessi several months ago and have quickly become a convert to this type of training.  Jessi does an excellent job of adapting the workout to the client’s specific goals and situation. The balanced strength gains that I’ve achieved, particularly much-improved core stability, make Pilates a great complement to my cycling, kayaking, and hiking.  The workouts are surprisingly intense but do not leave me stiff and sore the following day, the way that weight training often does.  I’m amazed that Pilates is not more widely practiced both for sports cross-training and for general fitness!” — Steve, 2011

“I first discovered Pilates several years ago in California as a great form of exercise given I have chronic back problems. After taking sessions from Jessi for the past year, I find her expertise and individualized approach truly amazing! I am in my early 50’s and quite active, but Jessi knows exactly how to incorporate the right movements to stretch, tone and strengthen. My balance and core strength continue to improve, and as a result, I find I don’t need to visit the chiropractor as often. A session with Jessi is never the same two weeks in a row — she can build on a particular exercise to really challenge the muscles, but also has a keen awareness to modify a movement to protect an area of weakness or injury. Her style is warm and genuine, and she truly listens to what you want to accomplish and how your body is feeling that particular day. There is nothing that compares to a Pilates workout!” –Terry Erickson, 2009

“Through Jessi, I’ve learned that Pilates, done correctly, is not only incredibly beneficial to my body, but also feels great! I always say it’s like a good massage! Jessi is wonderful at pinpointing those hard to define areas to make sure that my technique is right on track. I’ve been very pleased with the results I’ve seen, and love working with Jessi!” — Leslie Huntley, 2008

“After only a few sessions, I am walking straighter and feeling more comfortable in my body. Pilates helps me to feel strong and powerful both physically and emotionally.  Jessi’s style is supportive and encouraging, yet direct and to the point. You get results fast!” — Elizabeth Barbour, life & business coach, 2006

“I’m walking taller and feeling stronger thanks to (my work with) Jessi.”— Marla Chalnick, Ph.D., LPC, 2006

“I’d pay the session fee just to spend time in the presence of Jessi’s kind, grounded, compassionate energy. What a bonus that you get a fabulous Pilates workout in the process!”— Paige Gilchrist, 2005

“I’d heard about Pilates being able to transform your body, but didn’t really know what to expect. From day one, Jessi has been a great, intuitive instructor who worked with me to target key areas I wanted to work on and challenge me on the various apparatus. While I started Pilates in fairly good shape, I’ve gained more definition throughout my body — arms, back, abs and more! Many people ask me what I’ve been doing and that’s a great compliment, but the important thing for me is that Pilates has become part of my weekly routine. I can’t imagine life without it and am so glad I found Jessi to introduce me to the pilates experience.” — Tamra Strentz, 2005

“I lead an active life, but am not particularly gifted athletically. Pilates and Jessi’s teaching mehods have been real gifts to me. With Pilates training, I’ve gained athletic ability by creating greater body awareness, expanding my range of motion and dramatically increasing my strength. Pilates has improved all aspects of my active lifestyle from helping me recover from a running injury to advancing my tennis game. Jessi’s professional yet nurturing approach is certainly the reason why my Pilates training has worked as well as it has, and why I’ve stuck with it this long!”— Tara May, 2005

“I fell in love with Pilates after my first session with Jessi. As a hairstylist I am on my feet all day, and as a new mom with new mom lack of stomach muscle tone, I was suffering extreme back and foot pain by the end of every work day. With the correction to my posture that that very first session provided, I immediately noticed an increase in my ability to work all day without pain. It didn’t hurt that people immediately begin to notice my “weight loss,” which was really just standing up straight at the time. After working with Jessi for a couple of years now, and some changes to my diet, the baby weight is really gone and my body has been re-proportioned. I weigh the same as before I had my daughter, but my hips are narrower then they have ever been. Pretty cool”. — Casey McCuller, Owner of Dang Salon, 2005

“Having taken Pilates for a few years already, Jessi was able to greatly expand my repertoire of exercises to keep my training fresh and interesting each session. The fact that she’s a nice, personable gal helps the session go by much less painfully too!” — Shirley, 2004

“Jessi was my instructor through prenatal and postpartum Pilates. I gained less weight than with my prior pregnancy and I felt better with fewer aches and pains. I practically breathed my baby out on the third push! My abdominal/pelvic muscles were amazingly strong and in rhythm with my breathing. Jessi is full of life while being very supportive and responsive. She doesn’t push too hard or let you fail, while always testing your ability to improve your workout.  I always feel fabulous after doing Pilates.  I think that I will be doing Pilates for the rest of my life and am grateful to Jessi for such a wonderful introduction!” — Krista, 2004

“I’ve studied with several instructors at this point, but Jessi’s explanations were by far the best I’ve encountered, making it easier to grasp the subtleties of alignment and to isolate the correct muscles. She also taught me some of the best stretches I know. Her Pilates class was the highlight of my week.” — Anne, 2003

“Pilates allowed me to work my muscles in a comfortable and safe way. It made me feel like I had gotten a real workout and I always felt great after. No pain! I encourage all pregnant women to do Pilates.  Thank you for being such an amazing, gifted and caring instructor. THANK YOU!!!! — Kelly, 2003